For the Etel installation, graphics and models have been copied into your Micro Flight Etel scenery directory (<Micro Flight>/Scenery/Etel).
The boat Vedette1 and the car Posch1 have also been added to your Micro Flight directory (<Micro Flight> aircraft, panels and instruments).
An Uninstall Etel.exe file is also added to your Micro Flight Directory.

(c) JFCL December 2007
New improvements and developments are still in progress, visit often my site My 3D MicroFlight for patches.

Credits (to be completed)
Many thanks to people without whom this Etel scenery would not have been possible:

To decorate the Etel scenery, I borrowed and simplified several Virtual Sailor and Micro Flight models, sometimes without knowing the authors.
I all thanks them here.
Please if you find one of your models in this scenery, send me back a mail with your accord or not. I will consider an absence of response as an accord.
I will modify in accordance the Etel scenery and this credits file (

Thanks to:

The aerial vues where taken from the Geoportail site (see
I use my own pictures and some pictures found on the Internet to texture houses and landscapes.
My main design tool was AC3D (see

Use airplanes, the Vedette1 and the resized Porsch1 to travel or navigate at your own risks!

Enjoy! and don't hesitate to contact me.
Jean-François, December 2007