Methods and tools

Plane Modeling:

  • I create the model with AC3D, both a simple and complete tool, but unable to place axis and mobile trajectoires. The final model is exported in .x
  • I simplify and place mobiles axis with Deep Exploration then exports the model in 3DS for the mobile part (gear).
  • The cinematics of the gear is defined with 3DS Max then exported in .3DS.
  • I manage several sub-models: gear.x, plane_body.x, plane_cdes.x and plane_pilots.x
  • The the final model is exported in .x with Deep Exploration.

Sceneries Modeling: with QuickGrid. I export part of the terrain dtm.bmp in .ppm image then transform it in QuickGrid grid. I produce a .dwf 3D model that can be imported in AC3D (see Alire.txt and the associated macro Image.xls)

Buildings and objects Modeling: with AC3D.

AC3D Deep Exploration
3DS Max QuickGrid
Micro Flight design tools Tool list including free tools (cf. Micro Flight Forum)
Creating Scenery Creating Plane (Ilan Papini)
USGS scenery design tutorial (Ed. Crawford)

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