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This site is to share the Micro Flight 3D Models i realised.
You can freely use them in the Micro Flight (or Vehicle) simulator in condition to keep their references and to cite them when needed. You must obtain my mail permission before any modification or url citation on a Web site.

These 3D Models are designed to be used with Ilan Panini's Micro Flight (or Vehicle) simulator.
Visit the Micro Flight site:
You will find below the list of my 3D Models and notes concerning my preferred tools and methods.
Gliders and Planes Boats, Vehicules, Animals
Sceneries My preferred Tools

Latest models :

L'Oiseau Blanc (The White Bird)

The DR400, an aeroclub and tourism plane

The Comet, first commercial jet plane

The Spirit of St. Louis, New-York to Paris in may 1927

The Etel Scenery, Morbihan harbor.

See also: The Asg29 the latest A. Schleicher competition sailplane, The Asw28 a modern competition sailplane. The Concorde first supersonic commercial plane, The Emouchet, french school glider of the 60's.

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